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Nov. 28th, 2012

JYJ and SM dispute is finally OVER...

I should feel happy for JYJ. They're free from SM f*****g finally. I really do hope they can appear music programs and variety shows from now one. Recently, Jaejoong said he want to appear on Running Man. Ace JiHyo, please bring JYJ to Running Man.

But on the other side, I can't help but to feel sad. Since JYJ was under SM legally until now. It somehow means TVXQ was still legally 5 member group. But now JYJ is completely free from SM, I feel TVXQ is really split up. T T. My OT5 heart hurts. 



So I just got a new job at Marketing Dept in a very big company. First, I really liked the people becuz they're so friendly.
Then today, we went for drinking at a nearby pub. I said I won't drink, but they (male workers) insist me to drink vodka in oneshot since it's some kind of tradition. I said no, and didn't drink. But they started to talk about hot it could be understood as if I'm not respecting them and by not engaging in conversation with them, I look like I'm distancing myself away from them.

WTF!!!!!!!! Drinking alcohol equals showing respect???????????? I would understand if they were my boss or elderly people, I would accept it the first time. But the guy who gave me the glass of vodka said "I don't usually pour drink to just girl like this, so drink". It means like he's very famous and all and I should be honored to receive drink from him. I wanted to roll my eyes. Even though he's rather handsome (I'm beginning to think otherwise) and famous, I really didn't like that attitude of him.

And not talking equals ignorance? What can I talk about when they're talking about someone I don't even know. Furthermore, they're guys, we don't have that many common topics to talk. Well, there could be since there are many boy/girl friends, but I haven't had any guy friends. So I just remained quiet,  but laughed at their stories, smiled and talked a little. I'm deeply sorry if that offended them. Hmp.

Conclusion, I don't like drinking and I didn't like how they pestered me to drink even though I constantly refused. I may sound really stupid, but I don't want to pretend at least in LJ. Btw, 2 girls were talking how they got shit-faced (literally, they fell down becuz they're too drunk) during lunch, I was eating right before them yet they talked about throwing up and sth like that. Please have some concern for otherS, would ya?

They are good people, and helped me on many things. I'm just ranting becuz of what just happened. I really don't like alcohol, it's not sweet (I LIKE sweets) and I don't want to make fun of myself (drunken girls are not that nice to look at). I don't want to drink, as simple as that, why can't they understand it?

"If someone doesn't respect your choice not to drink, you're better off without them." -> Credit: http://ask.metafilter.com/31649/How-can-I-avoid-drinking-and-still-have-a-socialdating-life


My new addiction

I finished watching Queen Inhyun's Man in 3 days, it was so good. I thought the story line is almost SAME as Rooftop Prince, but no it was very different. In Rooftop Prince, Lee Gak didn't know why or how did he came to modern Seoul, but in Queen Inhyun's Man, Kim Bung Do can travel between Joseon and Modern Korea as he wishes. I really liked both of the dramas.

So my new addiction is Ji Hyun Woo - the Queen InHyun's Man, now, turned into Yoo In Na's man after his public love confession. I saw the video, it was so romantic. So that's the 1st reason, his courage to confess in public.
2nd reason is his singing. He was in a band called the Nutz (<--- Seriously?). His song "Baby Elephant" is too cute for words. When I have a bf in the future, I will make him sing it for me. LOL. Just kidding. But it would be so nice to listen to it from someone I like.
Lastly, I really liked his acting. Or maybe, it's more about his character in the drama. I think I have thing for people like Kim Bung Do, modest, smart, straightforward and have strong principles. Kkk. (My friends think I'm crazy when I told them I like that kind of guys) Similar character would be Lee Seon Joon from Sungkyunkwan Scandal.
I think I seriously need to meet a man like them who came from Joseon or sth. Maybe, Kim Kyung Tak can come here? Kkk.

 Even though I don't think Ji Hyun Woo is that handsome, he is so attractive becuz of the reasons above. And of course, his cute smile and height (=187cm, WOW) and how can I not mention his hot body, *blush*.



I just watched an episode of "Introducing Star Friend" starring Junsu (his twin brother Junho), Yoochun (his friends Yongpil), Yunho (his friend Sang Hyuk) and Boom's (Jaedeuk) friends.

Main point: How come I didn't know Junho was THAT CUTE? Oddokke. >.<

I knew he was Junsu's twin brother but I never paid any attention to him specifically. I thought "He has Junsu's smile and laugh "eung kyang kyang"". BUT when I saw him dancing to "Tell me", my jaws dropped to the floor. (not literally, of course) It was too cute and I can see the innocence I see from Junsu in him. They're so alike, TOO CUTE.

First Yoohwan, now Junho. TVXQ/JYJ brothers are messing up my bias list.

PS: Yunho's friend is also very similar to him. But Yoochun's friend, kkkk, too funny.



Happy Birthday to Our Beloved Leader-sshi, Jung Yunho.

So my present for Yunnie would be: A bunny. Since he's been singing Honey Funny Bunny lately, kkk.

    There, play nice, OK? *gets kicked*

Additional gift: Since you have JJ now, it's only fair that you have --->

I wish him happiness and I wish he can always smile from his heart not the fake smiles for the sake of Cassies. Being in an entertainment business is difficult, please be strong and remember, Cassies will be there for you.

Last gif credit goes to the owner/maker of the gif. ^^


I feel disappointed!

This is just my rant about JYJ, HoMin fans VS DB5K/OT5 fans (even YJ fans O.O).

So I like to visit SYC because it's where I don't have to restrain myself from saying my opinion about TVXQ as 5. I'm sooo thankful that there are still some OT5 websites are existing.

I also visit other JYJ and HoMin sites because I can get more detailed infos there. But when I visit there, I have to restrain my thoughts. Since there are site rules that "No one can SPAM about OT5 or sth like that, becuz they only support current TVXQ or JYJ". Therefore, it's like I have to comment as if JYJ has been always JYJ and HoMin has always been TVXQ. Because if I talk sth about their past as DB5K, it'll be considered SPAM and will be deleted by the admin.

And most ridiculous thing is now SOME stans are hating on YJ shippers. WHY on earth would they do that? Ok, I understand them if some YJ shippers are continuously posting sth like "YunJae is REAL, Yunho's wife miss him, where are you Jae Umma, MinMin misses your food". I'm not saying YJ shippers can be overly pushy to make others believe YJ is REAL. But as long as those SOME JYJ or HoMin fans ignore them, it's fine. We WANT world PEACE, no? (Am I starting to sound like I'm in a beauty pageant, kkk) Why can't people be calm and understanding. Like, "Ah, this person likes YJ. Let him live in his world. It's not like he/she will understand it if I SHOUT YJ is NOT real". Right? Besides, why does we have to take everything so seriously? I personally ship YJ, yeah, I'm a hardcore shipper and I'll support them no matter what relationship they have. Be it lovers or close brothers.

And I'm OT5 fan, too. It's becoming hard to support JYJ and HoMin at the same time. For crying out loud, weren't they in one group before? Didn't Jaejoong said in a fan meeting that they are still TVXQ even if they can't do any activity under TVXQ. And he even said why people talk about them as if it's all in the past because they're still TVXQ. He said he misses Yunho and Changmin. So why SOME JYJ fans are being like that? I can't say anything about SOME HoMin fans since Yunho or Changmin don't talk about JYJ. But I still believe in their long-time friendship and brotherhood. That's sth that can't be broken so easily.

Finally, I still don't understand why fans are taking sides, really. I became a fan in 2008, long after they released Mirotic. At that time, I've started to hear disband rumors already. Even I, who hasn't been a fan that long, can't take sides. Why would other fans who has been a Cassie for a long time would choose sides? I read some comments like "I don't recognize Changmin anymore, or he's changed so much, or goodbye Homin from now on".

OK, I understand if some people starts liking one side more than other side. Since everyone has their own preference. But what I don't understand is how SOME people can hate someone whom they've liked so much before. It's not like we-fans know what really happened when JYJ left SME. We still don't know who is at fault, so why SOME fans act like they know everything and bash other side.

AIGOO, I've ranted so much. I'm pretty sure no one will read this so I'm talking my opinion so openly, haha. It's nice to release my frustration by writing. ^^ And by any chance if someone read it, remember it's only my opinion and I'm NOT accusing all JYJ and HoMin fans are totally hating each other and bashing, NO, I'm saying SOME fans do that, OK. Plz, understand that.


OH MY...

Is there a person looks just like you even though you don't have any connections with him/her? I read 'FYI it’s said “there are 3 other people who look like you in this world”' from CTVXQ. I think it's possible, it may not apply to all people. But still... So here are some pics.


I thought it was PSed. Really. How can they look so alike with each other?
He is Mr. Tanerou Megata. One of the founders of Tokyo Art University and was born in 1853. I thought Yunho might be a VAMPIRE for second. Kkk.

2. I don't know who he is. But he does resemble Yunho A LOT.


3. I don't have a picture for the last person because I saw him by myself when I was in Korea. One day, I was walking to my classroom at Yonsei Sinchon Campus, then I saw him on scooter. Only if he wasn't on scooter... He looked EXACTLY the same as teenager Yunho. Like this one.

Even his hair style was same as this picture. I wondered why a teenager boy in 2010 would want to have this kind of hair style. Anyway, he looked exactly the same as Yunnie, and I couldn't take a picture of him. T T.

Hmm. I really wonder if there are really 3 people who looks just like me. That would be awesome yet creepy, LOL. 

Source: RocketNews24
Translated by: Yumirin125 @ContinueTVXQ.com
Distributed by: Yumirin125 @ContinueTVXQ.com
Photos are not mine. ^^


I'm drinking a champagne in a coffee cup at work, LOL. But I'm still under the legal age of drinking (21). Our CEO said "Be thankful that I don't like drinking or else I'd be pouring vodka".

WAIT. Drinking at work is not LEGAL right? OH MY ....


Life is Beautiful(2010) K-Drama

It's a family drama showing a family life in Jeju island. It's REALLY interesting.

I think maybe this is the only one Korean DRAMA that has gay couple. And I'm totally addicted to those two, because they are just SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. >.<

Some of my favorite scenes of Kyungsoo x Taesub couple.
Episode 32. Kyungsoo is holding Taesub's left hand probably looking at their couple ring, kkk.

Episode 33. I don't know. I just like the way Kyungsoo is looking at Taesub. Last night, they slept together (maybe not in that way, kkk), but Taesub was really uncomfortable and sleeping at the edge of the bed. Kkk.

Episode 33. Taesub came to Kyungsoo's house to see him for a 10 minute before going home. Kyungsoo was running down the stairs, Taesub was running up and (of course) they bump to each other. In Korean drama, there would be a kiss in this situation, but there weren't any. Maybe because they're not a man and a woman, so the producers were cautious.
Anyway, what I really about this scene is how Kyungsoo protected Taesub's head as they're falling. Sooooo cute, isn't it?

Ok, last one (for today). Episode 34. In Taesub's room. Kiss on the forehead. Kyaaaah, so CUTE.


YunTae??? Where does that come from?
(It's just ranting, I'm not intending to bash or sth. LOL. No one's gonna read my post anyway, kkk)

I saw one YunTae fansite just now. I think this pairing is getting attention because of SMTown concert and Yunho's endless care for his donsaengs. And I blame Yunnie's skinship habit. *pout*
Thank god, he didn't do that when he's with female friends or else fangirls will go crazy, kkk. And in Korea, I heard men holding hands is not that big deal? Really. I think so, since I saw Kang Ho Dong holding hands with some male singers, LOL.

I thought Taemin was Jaejoong for a nanosecond. He looks slightly like Jaejoong here, but Karam is no kidding. He's like younger version of Jaejoong or sth.

Conclusion, I still prefer YUNJAE. They're just so cute, hot and smexy together.
And I still believe Yunho still cares for his Jaejoong MEMBERS.

PS: I couldn't resist. It's so funny. xD xD xD

PS: Macros are not my creation. Credit to people who made those.